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Illus. Mihajlo Dimitrievski

Rise of the Gods - Coming Soon!

Welcome to Palandor, where myths blur the edges of reality, where gods once walked among mortals, and where a troubled past is about to be reawakened. . .

Step into the role of an Aether Shaper, an envoy who can commune with the gods via the mystical substance known as Aether. You must summon an army of loyal followers as you compete to earn the gods’ favor. Control the field with vast domains that grant you more power, perform forbidden rituals from a time forgotten, and leave treasured offerings at shrines to gain even more influence with your chosen deity.

Rise of the Gods is steeped in the rich heritage of tabletop card games. But it also brings an entirely new experience to the table, with elements of spatial interaction, area control, and an innovative resource system. The game is still being developed, so make sure to check back later for updates about its release!

Will you rise to the challenge?


Thousands of years ago, the titans were sealed away to save Palandor from destruction. Freed once again, they’re determined to unleash their revenge on the world.

A Twist on the Genre

In most card games, it doesn’t matter where you put your cards on the table, as long as you separate them from the opponent. But Rise of the Gods is different.

Each player controls their own Sanctuary where they can summon followers. But a middle area called the Outlands is where combat occurs. Because of this distinction, certain cards interact differently depending on where they are.

Scroll through the gallery below to get a taste of the strategies inherent in the game.

Try It Now – Free!

Play the game online anytime, anywhere on Steam® with Tabletop Simulator. More content will be made available as the game gets closer to publication.

From the Tabletop Simulator prototype. Art and designs not final.

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