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The Divine Card Game - Coming Soon!

RISE OF THE GODS is a two-player tabletop card game set in the fantastical world of Palandoras. Many heroes and adventurers call this place home,  along with countless more astounding creatures and monsters. But above all else resides a pantheon of almighty gods, sometimes intervening in the affairs of the mortal world, and sometimes ignoring their cries for help altogether . . .

IN THE GAME, players battle each other as they try to earn favor from a god of their choice. The field is where the action takes place, comprised of 16 spaces. The spaces where you decide to place your cards must be chosen wisely, because wherever they are on the field determines how your cards interact with others—including your opponent.

Score a hit against the opponent and you’ll earn favor from your god. Be the first player to earn 20 favor and you win! Will you rise to the challenge?

YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS with your heart. Where does your allegiance lie? Is it with the mystical foresight of Delphena, or are you drawn to the destructive chaos of Sulfurio? Then again, perhaps the balance and stability of Solarya appeals to you most.

Whoever it is, know that the choice you make will bind you to their fate forever.

Illus. Mihajlo Dimitrievski

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Long ago, the titans were sealed away by the gods to preserve the fragile world of Palandoras in its infancy. Freed once again, the titans are threatening to wreak havoc and destroy the world.

Only the gods have the power to stop the titans, and only you have the power to summon the gods!

IT’S HARD WORK trying to earn the favor of the gods. Fortunately, you are not alone. Each deck you bring to the game will contain 40 cards made up of any number of followers, domains, rituals, and equipment.

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ALL THE ACTION happens on a game board known as the field. It’s split into three territories: Allied, neutral, and enemy. You choose where to deploy your followers, as well as where you want to settle domains. 

Trying to control the neutral territory in the middle is how most games are won, because it’s here where you can launch your attacks at the opponent to score points.

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