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No two orders are the same. Neither are their play styles. Below you can find brief introductions to give you a better idea of what to expect when playing with a particular order and its set of cards.


The Radiance order prefers to apply steady pressure during the battle with its suite of knights and paladins.


The primal power of the Gem order shows with its ability to pummel foes to dust and ward off the magic of its enemies.


Be prepared to treat your deck like a pile of kindling, as the Pyro order loves the chaos of discarding to power up its effects.


Death always wins in the end, at least under the watch of the Necro order. The more you kill them, the stronger they get.


Aboard their ships at sea, the Wind order strikes hard and fast with pillaging pirates, then retreats with the tides.


Members of the Hydro order enjoy concocting new potions and brews in interesting - and often explosive - combinations.


The Flora order draws strength from its surroundings. The more domains you control, the better your cards get.

So what about the gods themselves? 

Members of any given order each worship a specific god. That means when you choose the god you want to worship (or play with), you automatically gain an alignment with the matching order, also known as your devotion

More about the gods will be revealed soon!